Past Layouts

Version 4“I’ll always stay by your side.”

Featured in the layout are Ahiru and Fakir, my favorite relationship in the Princess Tutu anime series. I tried to make the layout very magical and dreamy, and I think it almost looks like a winter wonderland.


image by TJhotaru
moon surface texture by Swashbuckler
glowing lights texture by Della-Stock


Fonts: Arial Narrow, Print Clearly, Microsoft Yi Baiti, Loved by the King

Version 3“I can’t live in a world… where you don’t exist.”

Featured in the layout are Edward and Bella, the main characters from the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. I love this series, it is such a fun story, and has many interesting sub-stories within the other characters in the books.


image by Digitalis 2008
damask pattern background by ARS Grafik


Fonts: Trajan pro

Version 2“Everytime I see you with that Forced Smile… it makes me want to vanish and disappear.”

Featured in the layout are Chise and ShĂ»ji, the main characters of the anime ‘SAIKANO’. I’m not very a big fan of this anime or manga, but the pairing is cute, and, to me, almost tragic. I used very mute colors, which is a stark difference from the last layout which had rich colors, while these are more pale purples, pinks, and blues.


Fonts: round, Aquiline, Tall Dark And Handsome

Version 1“I feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.”
“A heart’s a heavy burden.”

Love Sick’s first layout featured the two main characters from the novel & movie ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, Sophie & Howl. Along with Howl & Sophie in the layout, Calcifer was used in the text headers. The layout was very basic, but had a beautiful color scheme of deep golds, reds, and blues.


Fonts: Carnivalee Freakshow, Print Clearly, Print Dashed

SO FRESHDesperate Housewives

Before there was Love-Sick, there was my fanlisting collective ‘So Fresh’ hosted on a friend’s domain. The layout features the character Edie Britt from ‘Desperate Housewives.’ I used to be a big fan of DH, but not exactly of Edie so I am not sure why I featured her but I really liked this layout, I thought the image was beautiful, so I couldn’t resist keeping this around for eye candy! :)