Past Layouts

Version 4“I’ll always stay by your side.”

Featured in the layout are Ahiru and Fakir, my favorite relationship in the Princess Tutu anime series. I tried to make the layout very magical and dreamy, and I think it almost looks like a winter wonderland.


image by TJhotaru
moon surface texture by Swashbuckler
glowing lights texture by Della-Stock


Fonts: Arial Narrow, Print Clearly, Microsoft Yi Baiti, Loved by the King

Version 3“I can’t live in a world… where you don’t exist.”

Featured in the layout are Edward and Bella, the main characters from the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. I love this series, it is such a fun story, and has many interesting sub-stories within the other characters in the books.


image by Digitalis 2008
damask pattern background by ARS Grafik


Fonts: Trajan pro

Version 2“Everytime I see you with that Forced Smile… it makes me want to vanish and disappear.”

Featured in the layout are Chise and Sh├╗ji, the main characters of the anime ‘SAIKANO’. I’m not very a big fan of this anime or manga, but the pairing is cute, and, to me, almost tragic. I used very mute colors, which is a stark difference from the last layout which had rich colors, while these are more pale purples, pinks, and blues.


Fonts: round, Aquiline, Tall Dark And Handsome

Version 1“I feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.”
“A heart’s a heavy burden.”

Love Sick’s first layout featured the two main characters from the novel & movie ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, Sophie & Howl. Along with Howl & Sophie in the layout, Calcifer was used in the text headers. The layout was very basic, but had a beautiful color scheme of deep golds, reds, and blues.


Fonts: Carnivalee Freakshow, Print Clearly, Print Dashed

SO FRESHDesperate Housewives

Before there was Love-Sick, there was my fanlisting collective ‘So Fresh’ hosted on a friend’s domain. The layout features the character Edie Britt from ‘Desperate Housewives.’ I used to be a big fan of DH, but not exactly of Edie so I am not sure why I featured her but I really liked this layout, I thought the image was beautiful, so I couldn’t resist keeping this around for eye candy! :)