Characters & Cast


  • Princess Odette - The film's primary female protagonist. Throughout her child and adulthood, she is depicted as being kind, courageous and strong. Despite her love for him, Odette questions Derek's intentions in order to confirm that he loves her in return instead of simply accepting his proposal. Odette is very beautiful, and is strikingly similar in appearance, background, and personality to Princess Aurora from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty. She wears different kirtles throughout the film. She is voiced by Michelle Nicastro and sung by Liz Callaway as an adult and Adrian Zahiri and Larisa Oleynik as a child.
  • Prince Derek - The film's primary male protagonist. Though handsome, brave and gallant, he often neglects to see what is in front of him, which tends to get Odette into trouble. When questioned as to why he loved her, despite her beauty, Derek answers, "What else is there?" He loves Odette, but can't seem to express his feelings, deciding instead that he would prove it through actions rather than words. This comes too late, as Odette has been kidnapped by Rothbart. Derek refuses to accept that she has died, and spends all of his time practicing and attempting to decipher King William's cryptic message, believing it holds to the key to Odette's whereabouts. During his search, he sees Odette, in swan form, but mistakes her for the Great Animal and tries to kill her. After following her to Swan Lake, and returning her locket, he returns home, overcome with joy, determined to break the spell during the ball. When the Hag arrives, Derek believes she is the real Odette and makes the vow to her. Realizing his mistake, he hurries to Swan Lake and demands Rothbart save Odette. By fighting Rothbart, as the Great Animal a mean Griffin, and successfully winning he then confesses his love to her, Derek revives Odette and they live happily ever after. He is voiced and sung by Howard McGillin as an adult; Adam Wylie and J.D. Daniels as a child.
  • Rothbart the Spell-Weaver - The film's antagonist and depicted as being extremely intelligent and calm, only losing his temper once. An evil enchanter with his eye on King William's kingdom, Rothbart is banished at the start of the film, where he promises to one day take everything William owns and loves. He follows through with this threat years later, when his powers return and he attacks William in the form of a Great Animal. Kidnapping Odette, he brings her to Swan Lake, where he casts a spell upon her. The spell can only be broken should the man she loves make a vow of everlasting love to her and prove it to the world, or should Odette agree to marry Rothbart and make him king. When he discovers Odette has brought Derek to the lake, he attempts to thwart their plans by sending his henchwoman to the ball in Odette's place. This will cause Odette to die, whereupon Rothbart can finish Derek off himself. He is voiced by Jack Palance and sung by Lex de Azevedo.
  • Jean-Bob - A French-speaking frog who believes he is in fact a human prince. He repeatedly attempts to win Odette's affection so that she may kiss him and break the spell. He is voiced by John Cleese and sung by David Zippel.
  • 'Speed' - His real name is Lorenzo Trudge-Along. Speed is a smart-talking turtle and another of Odette's animal friends. Though everything he does is rather slow, he is smart and fast as a bullet in water. He is voiced by Steven Wright and sung by Jonathan Hadary.
  • Puffin - A lieutenant who came into Odette's company after an arrow in the wing. Because she removed the arrow, sparing his life, rather than ending it, he decides to stay by her side until his debt is repaid. Puffin appoints himself leader of the group and makes it his goal to reunite Odette with Derek so that he can break the spell. Puffin is voiced and sung by Steve Vinovich.
  • Queen Uberta - Derek's widowed mother. She conspired with King William to match Derek and Odette and unite their kingdoms. She enjoys throwing lavish parties and is seen constantly pushing Derek in the direction of marriage, whether that is to Odette or another qualified princess. She is voiced and sung by Sandy Duncan.
  • King William - Odette's father. He conspired with Queen Uberta to match Derek and Odette and unite their kingdoms. After discovering Rothbart's plan to take his kingdom, William shows him mercy and banishes him instead of executing him. This proves fatal as years later, Rothbart attacks him as the Great Animal and his daughter during their journey home, kidnapping Odette and fatally wounding William. He lives long enough only to warn Derek that "it's not what it seems." He is voiced and sung by Dakin Matthews. His wife remains unknown.
  • Lord Rogers - Derek's mentor and friend. He conducts the royal orchestra and aids in Derek's training. Teasing Bromely seems to be another favored pastime. He is voiced and sung by Mark Harelik.
  • Bromley - Derek's childhood friend. He frequently attempts to win games and contests by cheating, only to end up the loser anyway and talks tough to hide his cowardice. Nevertheless, he aids Derek in the final fight by providing him with the arrow that pierces Rothbart's heart. He is voiced by Joel McKinnon Miller and sung by Wes Brewer.
  • Chamberlain - Queen Uberta's assistant. He is put in charge of inviting and introducing all potential brides at the ball. He is voiced by James Arrington and sung by Davis Gaines.
  • The Hag - Rothbart's sidekick. She attempts to stop the animals from retrieving a map of Swan Lake and attends the ball disguised as Odette so that Derek will make the vow to her instead. She doesn't speak much but appears to have a crush on the Chamberlain, she's given the name Bridget in the second movie and becomes a friend and servant to Odette and Derek. Its also revealed in the sequel that she learned some magic from watching Rothbart. She is voiced by Bess Hopper.